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Glycine Powder, 100 g, Carlson Labs

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Carlson Glycine Powder
Each person's ability to break down protein into single amino acids differs. Factors such as diet, illness, stress, old age, and an inability to secrete digestive enzymes may result in a deficiency of one or more amino acids. The rate of protein formation and the production of new cells in inhibited when a one amino acid is missing. By supplementing your diet with pure amino acids, you are saving your body the necessary step of breaking down dietary protein to obtain these amino acids. The advantage of free form amino acid powder over whole or partially hydrolyzed protein is that they can be directly absorbed providing maximum and rapid absorption. Each free form amino acid powder comes in a glass bottle to minimize the hydroscopic effects.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Teaspoon
Glycine 2300 mg

Take Glycine Powder one level blue scoopful daily. Keep bottle tightly closed. Store away from heat and moisture.

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