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BioAstin 12 mg, Astaxanthin Super Strength, 25 Capsules, Nutrex Hawaii

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Nutrex Hawaii BioAstin 12mg Gel Caps

  • Super Strength Hawaiian Astaxanthin.
  • Once per Day Formula!

This new product has the highest potency levels of Astaxanthin per gel cap available on the market today. Astaxanthin is known as nature's most powerful antioxidant; backed by over 200 scientific studies including joint & tendon health, eye & brain health, skin health and for athletes & active people. This higher strength formula is ideal for athletes and individuals suffering from joint and tendon problems.

Although not a replacement for the whole food nutrition of Hawaiian Spirulina, BioAstin™ represents a new class of microalgae products with an antioxidant profile and direct functional applications. Nutrex Hawaii is the first company to have launched BioAstin™. And, with an estimated 10,000 species of microalgae, there is a rich variety of products supporting human health waiting for discovery.

BioAstin™ natural astaxanthin is a human dietary supplement with powerful antioxidant benefits.

BioAstin™ is called the functional antioxidant because it does so many positive things for so many people.