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Black Elderberry Glycerite Liquid, 4 oz, Herb Pharm

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Herb Pharm Black Elderberry Glycerite

Botanical Name: Sambucus nigra

Plant Part Extracted:Dried whole ripe fruit 1 2

Other Ingredients: vegetable glycerine, distilled water & Black Elderberry extractives.

Description: We prepare our Black Elderberry Glycerite from the fully-ripened berries of Sambucus nigra trees which are Certified Organically Grown and/or Custom Wildcrafted™ in their natural wild habitat 2.

To assure optimal extraction of Black Elderberry's bioactive compounds, the berries are hand-harvested only when fully mature, are carefully shade-dried to retain their full color & aroma, and are then thoroughly extracted.

Our Elderberries are never fumigated or irradiated.

Caution: Keep Out of the Reach of Children

1 Certified Organically Grown
2 Custom Wildcrafted
3 Traditional Chinese Herb
4 Primary Origin Unverified
5 Naturally Grown
E Aromatic Exudate
F Fresh & Succulent
D Shade-dried
S Sun-dried