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ChiOndo Heat Plaster Patch, Relaxes Muscles, 4 Pieces

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ChiOndo Heating Plaster

  • Relaxes muscles with Anti-inflammation effects.
  • Helps relieve muscle & joint stiffness, muscle spasms, sprains & strains.
  • Safe & effective.

When applied, ChiOndo heat plaster projects functions of the far infrared ray, special electromagnetic waves and traditional Chinese acupressure point therapy. This helps reduce inflammation and joint pain.

The relaxing effect of the heat plaster is strengthened by the added 33 essential minerals, which supplement the blood circulation and has anti-inflammation effects.

Simply open the package and attach it to your body to get instant heating relief. Provides constant heat for up to 12 hours. It's safe and will not burn your skin.

Tear the packaging along the gap. Remove the paper on both sides of the plaster. Put the black surface of the plaster on affected area. Stick the plaster tightly on skin.