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Flower Candle Tuberose Hexagon, 3 Inch x 1 Inch, Auroshikha Candles & Incense

Item Code: AS0051From Auroshikha Candles & Incense
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Volume Discount: 2 for $4.93 per unit. 6 for $4.83 per unit.
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Auroshikha Aromatherapy Flower Candle

  • Hand crafted in India.
  • Decorated with dried flowers, leaves, herbs and grasses.
  • Scented with natural essential oils.

Auroshikha aroma flower candles - wonderful gift for your loves and yourself!

Auroshikha aromatherapy square or cylindrical candles of various sizes are individually hand decorated using completely natural press dried flowers and leaves. The patterns are attractive and the floral motives vary according to the availability of seasonal flowers.

No artificial colors or fragrances. Guaranteed non - toxic.