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Green Tea Body Scrub, 10 oz, Abra Therapeutics

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Abra Therapeutics Green Tea Body Scrub

  • Maintains Youthful Skin.
  • Green Tea & Lemongrass.
  • Pure Essential Oils, Pure Desert Minerals, Pure Organic Herbal Extracts.

We use the amazing vitalizing properties of organic Green Tea Leaves to fortify you skin cells against age causing factors. These fortifying effects are well documented in study after study showing positive immune enhancing benefits. An Oriental Lemongrass bouquet enhances your experience.

Green Tea Body Scrub Directions:
Use in shower or bath. Scoop a small amount into hand and gently scrub skin in a circular motion avoiding face and delicate areas. Rinse well. Botanical oils can be slippery. Use a shower mat for safety.