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Laminar Mica Crystals, 1.75 lb (795 g), Health and Wisdom Inc.

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Health and Wisdom Laminar Mica Crystals

Laminar Mica Crystals have the capability of absorbing and transmitting high vibration frequencies required for healing the body.

Use the Laminar Mica Crystals to make pillows, sleepers, smaller "huggies", etc. Remember to use 100% cotton (or other natural fiber) with a high thread count. Natural fibers in our clothing, bedding, and everything we come in contact with will make us happier! Wool, silk, cotton... those materials that are God given and natural will remove tension and stress caused by synthetic fibers. Don't forget your pets, use all natural fabrics for their bedding too!

To make a pillow, put the amount of crystals desired in a pillowcase and sew the end closed. Cover with another pillowcase to keep this clean.

To make a sleeper, use a small sheet folded in half. Sew two sides, add crystals, sew the end closed. Put this on the bed on top of the bottom sheet, arrange the crystals to suit, place another sheet over this to keep the sleeper clean.

To make "huggies", use a half pillowcase or part of a sheet. Cut this to the desired size, fill with crystals and sew closed. This is great for necks, ankles, knees - any body part that needs some extra attention!

Put some Laminar Mica Crystals in your crisper to "boost" your fruits and veggies!

If you have something that you want to treat with the energy pulses of Mica, simply put the container in or on the Mica Crystals. This can be supplements, herbs, food, personal hygiene products... the universe is yours!