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Lavender Essential Oil, 4 oz, Heritage Products

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Heritage Lavender Essential Oil

An All Time Favorite.

Lavender Oil or Lavandula officinalis, an aromatherapy classic derived from French flowers, is a relaxing and especially balancing scent with many applications. Derived from the Latin "lavare," meaning "to wash," the name reflects centuries of use as a washing herb.

Lavender oil has numerous uses in skin care, inhalation, stress reduction, and much more. It makes a soothing addition to body oils and skin care preparations, and has been misted into theair of British hospitals to help patients sleep. Lavender is known to increase the alpha brain waves associated with states of relaxation and meditation. Cayce said lavender oil can even act as a meditation aid.

Add to bathwater for a relaxing soak or dab on tissues and place with bed linens and lingerie.