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Smarte Carb Protein Bar, Chocolate Black Cherry, 1.76 oz x 12 pc, NuGo Nutrition

Item Code: SEN-42782-3From NuGo Nutrition
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Nugo Smarte Carb Protein Bar, Chocolate Black Cherry

  • High Protein (18g).
  • Low Carb (2g Net Carbs).
  • 0g Sugar.
  • Low Fat (3g).
  • Kosher.
  • Delicious Choice for Low Carb Diets.
  • Not a Low Calorie Food.

Smarte Nutrition - with a cherry on top. Try a low carb, Smarte Carb protein bar in Chocolate Black Cherry for an indulgent treat without the guilt. These bars contain 0g sugar and 18g protein - a delicious choice for those with dietary restrictions.