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Pure Whey Protein - Dark Chocolate, 12 oz, Simply Tera's

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Simply Tera's Pure Whey Protein - Dark Chocolate

  • 20g protein.
  • 1g sugar.
  • 0 rBGH.
  • 4 ingredients.

simply clean... our pure, gluten-free, soy-free whey protein comes from family farms where happy cows freely graze on pasture in the fresh air and sunshine. of course, no whey do they use rBGH, rBST or GMO feed!

simply sustainable... tera's packaging is made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials - the container, cap, scoop, inner seal, label, even the box it comes in - it's all 100% PCR and 100% recyclable. simply toss your entire empty tera's package into recycling and we'll use it to create a new one.

simply delicious... calling all chocoholics! decadent yet wholesome, with only 4 clean ingredients:

pure whey protein, cold-pressed and non-denatured to preserve all 18 amino acids (including the 9 essentials), while maximizing nutrient bioavailability.

organic cocoa for rich, dark chocolate flavor without the guilt.

dash of organic stevia for subtle hint of sweetness (only 1g sugar per serving).

pinch of organic sunflower lecithin for quick dissolve and a uniquely smooth and creamy texture (no clumps in our drinks!)

simply nutritious... stir 2 scoops into water or milk for a high protein (20g), low glycemic (1g sugar), low carb (3g net carbs) chocolatey drink with all 9 essential amino acids before or after exercise, or blend into a smoothie for a satiating snack that fuels energy, muscle support and overall nutrition.