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Tromner Hammer, Model 555, MDF Instruments

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MDF Instruments Tromner Hammer

  • Handcrafted in the MDF artisan tradition by master craftsmen since 1971.
  • 100% Latex Free.

MDF Tromner Reflex Hammer (AKA Troemner) is a versatile dual mallet-type reflex hammer designed for eliciting myotatic and cutaneous responses on adult and pediatric patients. This popular reflex hammer was invented by Ernst L.O. Troemner M.D., a Director of the Neurological Hospital at St. Georg and Professor at University of Hamburg.

Head: The balance-weighted head is outfitted with a large and small mallet constructed of soft TPR for precise tendon percussion.

Handle: The weighted handle is precisely balanced for increased control of force in the percussion. The pointed handle can also be utilized to elicit additional responses.

Warranty: 2-Year