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Female One Frequently Asked Questions

Is Female One safe to use? Will it produce side-effects?
Answer: Female One is made from 100% natural herbal extracts. It is safe for long-term use and produces no side-effects.

Is Female One habit-forming?
Answer: No. Because Female One doesn't contain any hormonal ingredients, it is impossible for the user to become dependant.

Why is Female One so effective at contracting the uterus and vagina?
Answer: Female One contains special herbal ingredients which can quickly activate healthy cells on the surface of the vagina and the uterus, accelerating the death of aging cells while producing the desired effect of contracting the uterus and vagina. It is very effective at relieving the vaginal looseness and metroptosis after childbirth.

Can Female One improve the quality of my sex life?
Answer: Yes. When the inflammation is relieved by Female One, women will feel better during sex. Moreover, the special ingredients in Female One can assist ovary maintenance and indirectly improve sexual desire and sensation.

Is it true that Female One can cure infertility in women?
Answer: Strictly speaking, female infertility can have many causes. Female One is effective at eliminating salpingitis and relieving infertility caused by oviduct conglutination and congestion.

If I get pregnant while using Female One, will fetal development be effected?
Answer: No, Female One doesn't contain any ingredients that would harm the fetus. There are no recorded cases reported by any of the thousands of female users. Experts suggest, however, that pregnancy should be avoided during use. This is because it would be the best for the development of the fetus if the toxins in the uterus were completely removed.

Why is Female One helpful for relieving galactophore inflammation?
Answer: Because the uterus - ovary - galactophore - thyroid gland constitute an entire set of inner circulation system. The formation of galactophore inflammations and tumours is closely linked with the blockage of vital energy. Female One is effective at unblocking vital energy, promoting system circulation. After blockages in the vital energy have been removed, galactophore inflammations and tumours will naturally be relieved or disappear.

Why is Female One effective at removing facial speckles and beautifying the face?
Answer: Black speckles, chloasma and lack of brightness in a woman's face are mostly caused either by feminine inflammation or by the toxins left in uterus after childbirth. The speckle will naturally fade or even disappear after Female One removes the inflammation and toxins out of the uterus. Female One can also regulate the independent circulation system of female sex glands (uterus - ovary - thyroid gland - facial vital energy and blood circulation) and dilute the facial speckles and whiten facial skin. Therefore, long-term use of Female One can produce obvious face-beautifying effects.

Why is using Female One in a monthly basis effective at guarding against various types of inflammation?
Answer: Because the waste and toxins in a woman's uterus are where various internal inflammations lie latent. Regular cleansing is needed to prevent the bacterium from lying dormant and reproducing in the human body. Using Female One on a monthly basis can remove the unpleasant secretions and toxins in the uterus in a timely manner, keep the uterus clean and smooth, curb the growth of redundant tissue, achieving the desired effect of preventing feminine inflammation.

Why is using Female One effective at maintaining ovaries? Is it because of hormones?
Answer: Female One contains special herbal ingredients which have ovarian maintenance qualities. These are not hormones and will not produce negative side-effects. These natural ingredients can effectively regulate feminine, internal secretions, keeping them in top condition. After the function of the ovaries and internal secretions return to normal, sexual functions will, in following, resume. Therefore problems with vaginal dryness, decreased sexual desire, pain during intercourse, etc. will also be readily solved. At the same time Female One can improve blood circulation and can regulate the quantity of menstrual flow to a normal level.

Why is using Feminine One effective for regulating menstruation?
Answer: Irregularities in menstruation, dysmenorrhea and the feminine discharge system is is directly related to poor circulation of vital energy. The quantity and regularity of menstruation is especially affected by infection and inflammation of female reproductive organs. After Female One has discharged internal waste and pathogens from the body, the feminine secretion system will return to normal and the menstrual cycle will resultantly recur.

After achieving the desired result from usingFemale One, will I experience relapse?
Answer: No. After using Female One to flush the toxins out of the body, as long as there is no new infection, there will be no relapse. Although, because of the special characteristics of the female physiological structure. Regular hygiene is necessary to decrease the possibility of another infection.

When is the best time to use Female One in order to achieve maximum results? Why can I not use it while menstruating?
Answer: Female One can be use at any time EXCEPT when menstruating. When menstruating, there is a change in vaginal bacteria, causing a decrease in immune function. Outside use of any other hygiene product may increase the likelihood of infection. Use may be resumed 3 days after the end of menstruation.

Why do I experience reactions in the initial stages of using Female One ? Are these reactions side-effects? How should I deal with them?
Answer: In the early stages of using Feminine One, some individuals may experience minor pain in the lower abdomen, tingling in the genital area or slight red gumminess in the outer genital area. These phenomena are not side-effects. These are the results of the Vagifresh Ball being placed within the body and dissolving in the warm and humid environment which causes the medicine to suddenly reach full potency ----some active materials that possess volatile qualities start to activate these effects. Its peculiar antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and cleansing functions will produce slight lower abdominal pain. The location of the pain indicates where there the inflammation is focused. While the Vagifresh Ball is cleansing the various types of toxins and gangrenous tissue from the reproductive system, the epidermal tissue sheds feculence and some toxic remnants which will be discharged along with leucorrhea. Because of the concentration of sensitive nerves in the outer genital area, the fragility of the surrounding tissue, and intensivied reaction, the user will necessarily experience a temporary itching sensation. This type of phenomenon generally only occurs during the initial stages of use. After the toxic materials have been flushed out of the body, these symptoms will diminish. Use the vaginal flusher and liquid medicine to immediately cleanse discharged toxins and feculence. This will immediately relieve symptoms of discomfort. If the discomfort becomes unbearable, discontinue use and the body will return to its normal state within 48 hours.

Why do people who suffer from fungal or parasitic vaginal irritation experience an increase in itchiness in the genital area during the first stages of use? How should this problem be dealt with?
Answer: After those who suffer from vaginal inflammation use this product, a large amount of pathogens will be discharged out of the body through the vagina. Because of the increased level of activity of the pathogens, there will be an increase in the itching sensation while they are being discharged. Using vaginal flusher will immediately flush out pathogenic materials, this type of situation will diminish.

Why is it that after using Female One, sometimes there are white secretions adhering to the inside and outside of the vaginal cavity?
Answer: These white secretions or film are actually pathogens and feculence produced by calcifitration during discharge. This is not regular skin and is not an inflammation. After the toxins within the body have been removed, they will be naturally discharged along with bodily secretions. Generally, 2-3 days are required for toxins to be discharged from the body.

Why must I discontinue use of this product 15 days before a gynecological examination?
Answer: This product is effective at discharging toxins. Within the discharged toxins there is a large quantity of pathogens which need a determined period of time in order to be discharged. If a gynecological examination is performed immediately after discontinuation of use, the toxins that have not been discharged out of the vagina will affect the exam results. After 15 days, the toxins within the vagina will already have been discharged and exam results will be accurate.

Why is it that while using Feminine One, some individuals experience liquid discharge and lower back pain?
Answer: Vagifresh Ball passes through blood vessels with its function of regulating vital energy and is able to discharge irregular accumulated fluids in the pelvic cavity as well as unblock clogged blood vessels. These reactions are only temporary symptoms experienced during regulation of somaplasm and unblocking of blood vessels. Once regulation is complete, then things will return to normal. After vital energy is unblocked, facial speckles will gradually fade and complexion will return to a healthy rosy colour.

How long should I wait after having an abortion or uterine surgery to use Vagifresh Ball? Childbirth?
Answer: Experts suggest that it may be best to wait 1 month after an abortion and 3 months after uterine surgery or childbirth before beginning the use of Vagifresh Ball . Do not use this product while breast-feeding.

Can I use Female One while using a contraceptive ring?
Answer: Yes. Using this product will not influence the effectiveness of contraceptives. Additionally, use may eliminate inflammation, infection, etc. caused by contraceptive rings.

What types of people should not use Female One?
Answer: Virgins, pregnant women, and women who are breast-feeding should not use this product. Those with very weak constitutions or people who have allergies should use this product with caution. Individuals with irritated hemorrhoids should not use this product.

Can this product be used by those with urinary tract infections?
Answer: The urinary tract and the vagina are adjacent. It is possible for infection to travel from one to the other. Using Feminine Oneis especially effective in helping individuals who suffer from either infection or inflammation of the urinary tract. However, because it is easy for the toxins which are discharged to accumulate outside the body after use, it is necessary to frequently clean the area outside the vagina and urinary tract in order to prevent infection. In the early stages of use, it is possible for individuals to experience mild discomfort. This discomfort very quickly passes.

Can menopausal women use Vagifresh Ball?
Answer: Yes.

Why do I experience changes in my menstrual cycle after using Female One?
Answer: This is because while using Vagifresh Ball, continuously makes repairs and adjustments, activates , improves ovarian function. It regulates the quantity of menstrual flow to a regular menstrual cycle. During using this product, menstruation may temporarily become irregular. Once adjustments are finished, it will immediately normalize. A new menstrual cycle will then begin.

Can women who have had a hysterectomy use Female One?
Answer: Yes.

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